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Vitality health and fitness coaching to help you achieve peak physical and mental health.


Say Yes to Vibrant Health 

Joining a gym can be exciting! You sign up for classes with the goal of losing fat
and getting fit. You commit to a weight loss program and begin to exercise like
you’re 20 years old again. 
Weeks go by, old habits sneak in, the scale is not budging and your body is filled with new aches and pains. You are frustrated and want expert help but where do you go? who do you ask?  

This is where I come in…

I work with people who want amazing results in their life and are ready to make lifestyle changes that stick. I take a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to your health, well-being, and happiness by focusing on the four pillars of your health:

  • Physical
  • Nutritional 
  • Cognitive and behavioral 
  • Connection

With the aim of inspiring you to create vibrant health and well-being!




Hey, I’m Deb Abell

And I can help you achieve peak physical and mental health.

I’ve been broken more than once in my life, and it sucks. It’s lonely, frustrating, and scary. And navigating the US healthcare model is like trying to drive blindfolded – but I discovered another way.

When I applied the tools used in functional medicine with the new science of biotensegrity used by professional athletes, the results were profound. It was clear that when you address the root causes of imbalance, you feel the life-changing benefits of reduced inflammation, pain-free movement, and symptom resolution.

And when that happens, you feel younger and can start living the exciting, vibrant life you deserve.


 Unique exercise modalities designed to restore, enhance and optimize mobility, movement, and performance.


 Eliminate the biggest symptom-causing culprits in your diet and lifestyle, and grow younger from the inside out.


Achieve your aspirations and untangle habits stopping you from living the vibrant life you deserve.

1-4 Day Retreats

Unplug from your life, reset and replenish with single day and weekend wellness immersians. 


Restore, enhance and optimize your health, mobility, and performance.

Here’s how you can work with me:


Work with me

Work privately or in a group on mindset, corrective exercise, pilates, nutrition, and detox programs.


 Find your true north

Integrative Wellness Immersions which inspire you
to discover your authentic self and live your best life. 

“Debbie has been a life-changing coach for me and thanks to her I was able to persevere through the year of Covid pain-free and smiling.”

Emily Studer, Sugar Pine Studio

“Debbie is like having a life compass on the trail with you, guiding you every step of the way.”

Deann MacDonald, Buckelew

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