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Helping you to achieve peak physical and mental fitness.

Hey, I’m Deb Abell

A vitality health and fitness coach helping people achieve peak physical and mental health.

I’ve been broken more than once in my life, and it sucks.

Really sucks.

It’s lonely, frustrating, and scary. And navigating the traditional US healthcare model to get well is like trying to drive blindfolded.

There’s nothing worse than physical and mental pain.

In my life, I’ve suffered from:

  • The Ebstein-Barr virus (EBV), which turned into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • A devastating postpartum illness after the birth of my twins
  • And a neck disc injury that changed how I look at exercise and skeletal longevity

With EBV, I was treated with months of unnecessary antibiotics, which led to chronic fatigue syndrome and left me broken on all levels.

After the birth of my twins,  not only did I experience 9-months of twin colic and chronic infections, but my father was also diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

It was devastating, and I reached a state of physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion that resulted in anxiety, panic attacks, and major depression. My healing regime also consisted of a cocktail of so many different medications I became a walking zombie and gained 45 pounds in 3-months. And as for my disc injury? Well, healing took a long time, and nerve compression led to atrophy in my arm and shoulder and a host of other symptoms, including chronic pain.

I’ve always taught and preached exercise and a healthy lifestyle and diet, so why was my body letting me down so badly?

The truth is, I wasn’t listening to my body.

I was exercising too much and too hard. I was pushing my limits, surviving on smoothies, power bars, and adrenaline, and ignoring the warning signs as I pushed through fatigue and nagging aches and pain. 

I couldn’t take feeling like crap much longer, so when I was strong again, I expanded my studies into cutting-edge:

  • Osteopathic-based modalities
  • Functional nutrition
  • Holistic lifestyle coaching


    ,Because I needed to understand the underlying causes of my health problems, and what I found changed everything. Not just for me, but for my clients as well. By combining  functional nutrition  with the new science of biotensegrity used by professional athletes to my client programs, the results were profound.

    They showed that when you address the root causes of imbalance, you feel the life-changing benefits that reduced inflammation, precise training, personalized nutrition, and detoxification have on your physical and mental well-being.

    Does this sound familiar?

    You start off with good intentions by making changes to your exercise regime and diet.

    But before long, life gets in the way.

    So, you slip back into old habits and eating patterns. Your aches and pains return. And you lose momentum and stop doing all those positive things that were making you feel great again.

    Most people try and fail many times before they reach out for a practitioner’s help.


    Because creating new habits and changing habitual behavior can feel overwhelming or impossible on your own. It requires knowledge, skills, self-compassion, and practice to change your mindset.

    But I can help you change for good.


    Stop living life with pain and injury.

    Unresolved pain and dysfunction take a toll on your mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been there and apply what I teach to my own life. 

    Pain is inevitable. We’re human and well… shit happens.  

    Healing can seem to take way too long and finding the right practitioner can be exhausting.  

    But through vitality health and fitness coaching, I’ll empower you with resources, tools, and knowledge to figure out the most effective path and program for you.

    You’ll discover the joy of pain-free movement, optimal health and wellbeing, and feel like you’re growing younger. 

    And when that happens, you’ll start living the exciting, vibrant life you want and deserve.


    ITT Master Pilates Trainer 

    NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

    SOMA Trainer (year 2 Practitioner)

    ELDOA level III

    (FxNA) Functional Nutrition Counselor

    Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach

    Tiny Habits Coach



    Debbie’s work is cutting edge, life-changing, and more effective than anything I have ever tried.

    Shelly Lefkoe, Lefkoe Institute

    After months of treatment for severe sciatica (epidural injection and physical therapy) I found Debbie and attained complete healing – end of pain!

    Barbara Schwindt, Retired Biologist

    “Debbie’s heart and passion for helping people heal on every level is a gift.”

    Justin Brien, Natural Movement Solutions

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